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Have 100,000 parents bought the wrong Junior ISA?

Junior ISA account openings rose at a remarkable rate of 46% in the last tax year. Since they were introduced in November 2011, Junior ISAs have proved popular and this figure is only going to rise, particularly from this month, when the six million families trapped in “zombie” Child Trust Funds on poor rates are [Read More]


A number of people are wondering how the New ISA, which seems to have been christened “NISA”, will affect their savings plan for their children with Child Trust Funds (CTFs) or Junior ISAs. The NISA was a welcome surprise from the Chancellor because adults will be able to keep more of their money out of [Read More]

Savings plan for University

As many parents waited anxiously to hear if their children had got into the Primary school of their choice, spare a thought for those who do aspire to go on to University. A study, written by researchers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), assessed the impact of the new student loan system for fees [Read More]

Tax-free allowance Increase

The tax-free allowance for Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs was due to increase to £3,840 from the new tax year on the 6th April, however there was welcome news from the Chancellor in his budget statement that the limit will increase to £4,000 a year from July 2014. The result is that there will [Read More]

How do I find my Child’s Trust Fund?

In the interim period whilst Child Trust Funds are still frozen without the option to transfer to the new Junior ISA scheme parents may start to wonder what actually happened to that old child trust fund? At one time they received a statement, before they moved house or life just got busier! Some accounts were [Read More]

Storms, Floods and Dripping Taps!

At a time when the country is being battered by storms and floods, our thoughts are with those who are suffering damage to what is likely to be their biggest asset; their home. Of course the weather is extreme and there is not much we can do to guard against the risk of damage. However, [Read More]

How will Child Trust Fund Transfers work?

Following on from recent government announcements relating to the allowing of transfers from Child Trust Funds (CTF’s) to Junior ISA’s (JISAs) we are left searching for answers to questions about the practical process, it’s timescales and also any potential issues. Noises have been made stating a potential date of 6th April 2015 as the earliest [Read More]

Rule change on CTF maturity

Following the government’s announcement at the end of last year to allow child trust fund transfers to junior ISA’s, changes to existing CTF’s were also brought about. Child Trust Funds were broadly moulded to model a Junior ISA from April 2015 when the transfer ban is lifted. Previously the CTF’s annual contribution allowance was increased [Read More]

The Child Trust Fund Providers affected

As changes are on the horizon for Child Trust Funds we ask the question: ‘How many Child Trust Fund providers will be affected by the new legislation?’ Media figures suggest that more than 6 million children currently hold CTFs. Whilst total cash figures vary, the Guardian newspaper have suggested that around £5bn of cash is [Read More]

Take Control of your Child’s Savings

Child Savings accounts have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The number of families saving for children improved dramatically during Labour’s time in power. During this period many parents received government vouchers to set up children’s savings accounts through the Child Trust Fund (CTF) scheme which finished in 2011. The CTF voucher the government [Read More]

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